A TikTok-Famous Gesture Made All the Difference

A missing 16-year-old girl was rescued by police in Kentucky… thanks to a hand gesture that’s gone viral on TikTok, CNN reports.
The one-handed gesture, created by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, signifies a call for help in domestic violence situations that began “as a COVID-era lifeline for women in abusive relationships” to seek help on video calls, The New York Times reports.
A driver called 911 after seeing the girl making the gesture, and followed the vehicle for 7 miles while relaying information to the police.
While the 911 caller recognized the signal, responding officers learned of it through this scenario, but now hope it becomes universally known.
“This is probably the best thing I’ve seen come along in the 48 years I’ve been a patrol officer,” said officer Gilbert Acciardo.

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