Unhappy Thanksgiving

As Americans prep for Thanksgiving on Thursday, they head into the national holiday worried, angry, confused, and missing absent loved ones.
US COVID-19 deaths in 2021 have already exceeded 2020 deaths by 15,000, according to CDC data, per USA Today. The coronavirus has killed 772,000+ Americans in total, according to the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 map. And that’s likely an undercount.
Feasting with the unvaccinated: About half of 1,000+ Americans surveyed for an Axios/Ipsos poll said their festivities could include people who haven’t been vaccinated.
Late boost: Some experts argue that the US could be looking at a safer holiday season had the government moved more quickly on boosters for all adults, Axios reports. Data released in the summer showed waning effectiveness of vaccines. The Biden administration wanted to open up boosters for everyone, while the FDA and CDC limited access initially to seniors and high-risk groups.
Even good news is tempered: New antivirals (yet to be approved) have been hailed as COVID-19 game-changers, but they need to be started within 3 days of symptom onset. And the US health care system isn’t set up for speed, STAT reports.
Worse news ahead: New cases are rising in 38 states, and officials think a winter wave is possible as people travel and gather for Thanksgiving and the holidays, USA Today reports.

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