US Restores Reproductive Rights Reporting

The US State Department returned assessments of global reproductive rights to its annual human rights report, reversing the Trump administration’s removal of the section, according to the Washington Post via Stars and Stripes.
Last Thursday, the agency released an updated version of its 2020 report, adding sections dedicated to foreign countries’ handling of contraception and abortion, maternal mortality, and other family planning and reproductive health issues, including:

  • Afghanistan’s social barriers to contraception and designation of pregnancy termination as a crime
  • Egypt’s lack of access to information about reproductive health
  • Pakistan’s move to declare virginity tests illegal—but continued obstacles to contraceptive access, which include. spousal opposition to family planning services, as Dawn reports.

Homefront: The report does not include the US—where, the Post notes, the US Supreme Court is currently hearing challenges related to abortion restrictions in Texas.
Flashback: The Trump administration had stripped reproductive rights from its 2018 report to avoid using the term it considered “loaded.”

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