Omicron: Surging Worldwide, but Dropping in South Africa

  • It’s still early, but a notable drop in COVID-19 cases in South Africa in recent days—from a high of 27,000 new cases per day to 15,424 yesterday—could be a hopeful signal that the Omicron-driven surge has passed its peak. PBS NewsHour
  • Meanwhile in the US, cases have now surpassed this summer’s Delta peak—reaching a 7-day average coronavirus case count of 168,981. Washington Post
  • New projections by University of Washington researchers show a tsunami of Omicron-driven infections peaking in the US at the end of January, with numbers that will far outpace last winter’s wave. Other researchers note the paucity of evidence, and 1 advises taking any Omicron projections  “with a grain of salt.” NPR
  • The first pill against COVID-19, a Pfizer drug called Paxlovid, has been approved by the FDA—making it the first at-home COVID-19 treatment authorized in the US. The drug has shown a 90% reduction in hospitalizations and deaths among patients most likely to get severe disease. The bad news: a very limited supply in the short term. PBS NewsHour


Omicron: What we know about the symptoms — Al Jazeera

Some colleges and universities will start the new year online as omicron spreads — NPR

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