US FDA Eases Abortion Pill Access

US women who want medications that induce abortions will have easier access following yesterday’s FDA decision to permanently drop a requirement that the pills be picked up in person, AP reports.

  • Women can now receive the pills through the mail after an online consultation.
  • The American Medical Association and other medical groups had long opposed the in-person rule, which had been in place for 20 years.
  • The FDA had eased the in-person requirement earlier this year because of pandemic disruptions.
  • Some Republican-led states have moved to limit access to the pills, including outlawing mail delivery of the pills.
  • The drug mifepristone is used with another medication, misoprostol, to end pregnancies up to 10 weeks, NPR reports.

Context: The decision opens a new front on nation’s ongoing battle over abortion as some Republican-led states such as Mississippi and Texas have moved to tightly restrict abortion procedures.

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