Covid-19 Reshapes Health Care in Japan

Japan’s 5 waves of COVID-19 have forced the country’s health system to continuously adapt. Some changes appear to be lasting, health leaders say. 

Changes, according to the Japan Times, include: 

  • Cluster prevention: New systems like thermographic cameras, virtual triage, and internal testing databases have reduced virus clusters within hospitals. 
  • New cooperation: Hospitals have adopted innovations like ECNOmet, a new registry that helps hospitals share information, resources, and staff. 
  • More data: The health ministry, which determines which hospitals take COVID-19 patients, has begun to provide more data on the burdens shouldered by both public and private hospitals. 

Meanwhile: As Japan gears up to face Omicron, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has laid out a range of new countermeasures—including a heavy emphasis on oral treatments, Reuters reports.

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