Opioids Claiming More Older Black Men

A roughly tenfold increase in opioid deaths among adults 55 and older has been driven by overdoses among Black men, a new study from Northwestern University researchers reveals.

Since the epidemic’s early years, whites have had the highest opioid overdose death rate, largely fueled heavily by prescription pain medications.

But recently the demographics have shifted; in 2019, the opioid overdose fatality rate among older Black men was approximately 4 times higher than the overall rate among older adults.

The rise of these overdose deaths corresponds with what the CDC describes as the “third wave” of the crisis—characterized by the increased presence of fentanyl.

U.S. News & World Report


Older adult opioid overdose death rates on the rise: ‘We don’t think of Baby Boomers as recreational drug users, but it’s a growing problem’ – Northwestern University via ScienceDaily

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