Our Risky Future

A big picture take on global risks from the World Economic Forum survey released today not only pegs the obvious threats (climate change and the pandemic) but digs a bit deeper into societal and health challenges needing serious action.
Among the findings from the Global Risks Report 2022:   

  • “Social cohesion erosion” and “mental health deterioration” were among the top 4 risks that have worsened since the start of the pandemic.
  • Both will remain critical threats through at least the next 2 years.
  • Vaccine inequality will exacerbate economic inequalities between countries.
  • The poorest 52 countries (with 20% of the global population) had only vaccinated 6% of their populations by the time the report was written. That, stressed health systems, and other issues will hold back economic growth in many developing countries for the next 2 years.

Key takeaway: “The WEF warned that the growing gulf between rich and poor countries would create a poisonous legacy of resentment, making it harder to reach agreements on global issues such as climate change…” according to AFP via rfi.

Another downer: Just 16% of the 12,000 “country-level leaders” who responded to the WEF survey said they were optimistic about the global future.

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