Pandemic Impact on Infant Development

A small JAMA Pediatrics study published Tuesday found that babies born during the pandemic scored significantly lower on developmental tests compared to pre-pandemic babies, CIDRAP reports.
Columbia University researchers tracking 255 infants born in New York City found that 6-month-old infants born between March and December 2020 displayed lower social and motor skills, as reported by their mothers.
However: The study found no association between exposure to SARS-CoV-2 in the womb and neurodevelopmental delays. This suggests that pandemic-related stresses such as unemployment, or food and housing insecurity may have contributed to the lower developmental scores in the pandemic cohort.
The study underscores the need for long-term monitoring of children born during the pandemic, the researchers said.
Encouraging: A CDC study looking at >40,000 pregnant women in the US found no link between COVID-19 vaccines and preterm births, per The New York Times

Another study: Children’s Hospital Los Angeles researchers found that breast milk may contain SARS-CoV-2 antibodies that could protect infants for up to 6 months, according to a study published Tuesday in Pediatrics.

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