Letter to the Editor Policy

GHN encourages a diversity of voices and views on global health issues. We will consider publishing letters to the editor that provide new insights or perspectives that advance the global health discussion.

  • Letters must be no longer than 150 words and should refer to an article that has appeared in Global Health NOW within the previous week. 

  • Letters must be exclusive to Global Health NOW and include the writer’s full name. We do not publish anonymous letters unless there is a specific agreed-upon reason to do so.

  • Letters will be fact checked and may be edited and condensed for space and clarity. We will share any edits with letter writers as much as possible.

  • For verification purposes, letters to the editor must also include the writer’s home address, email address, and telephone number (including a daytime telephone number). 

  • Writers must disclose any personal or financial interest in the subject matter of their letters.

  • Please include any additional information, such as titles, organization/affiliations, and degrees that you would like printed along with your name. Please note that per our style, we do not include honorifics (such as Dr.), and we do not capitalize titles.

Global Health NOW editors have sole discretion in determining which letters meet the publication’s editorial needs and will be published in our daily newsletter (but not on our website).

To send a letter to the editor, request a correction, or provide other feedback or story ideas, please email GHN managing editor Dayna Kerecman Myers.