Public health experts have largely offered up reassurance that existing COVID-19 vaccines work well against dominant variants, as

The latest Ebola outbreaks in 2 African countries are reviving memories of the devastating 2014­–2016 West Africa outbreak, which took over 11,000 lives.

A 2018 surge in Lassa virus cases in Nigeria led the Federal Medical Centre in Owo to set up a special Lassa ward—and to launch a prospective cohort study of 510 hospitalized Lassa fever patients.

Liberia is the first African country to introduce the new typhoid conjugate vaccine, folding it into routine immunizations for 9-month-olds, the

In Tigray, sexual violence has become a key weapon in the civil war that began in November in the mountainous region of northern Ethiopia.  

Massive Blunder or “Blip”? 15 million doses of would-be Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines had to be discarded after a Baltimore plant run by Emergent BioSolutions—a company central to Johnson & Johnson’s US production plan—mixed ingredients with…

In countries where the B.1.1.7 variant is dominating, the picture is getting much worse, 

Leaders of 23 countries are backing a call for a pandemic treaty to boost cooperation and tackle gaps exposed by COVID-19,

A yet-to-be-released WHO report on COVID-19’s origins bolsters the animal source theory, a

Children with life-threatening illnesses need psychosocial support and palliative care to alleviate pain and suffering—but sometimes, resources are maxed out on medical needs.   That’s true in many parts of South Africa, where just 8 organizations provide pediatric…