Can a universal coronavirus jab help us avoid another nail-biting wait for vaccines during the next pandemic? Lessons learned about coronavirus vaccine technology during this pandemic already offer a head start—and early research has shown some promise.  

COVID-19 cases are trending upward in 14 African countries and have shot up by more than 30% in 8 countries—as the continent awaits vaccine shipments.  

The WHO is scaling up its assistance to meet the “staggering” health needs of nearly 200,000 Palestinians after last month’s rocket attacks by Israel, 

The 74th World Health Assembly closed Monday with a strong call for an empowered WHO and a pandemic treaty to strengthen global preparedness for health emergencies.    Top priorities: Ending the COVID-19 pandemic and preventing the next one.

Confronted with a highly transmissible new variant, Vietnam is deploying aggressive measures including plans to test all 9 million residents of Ho Chi Minh City and a 2-week lockdown for the city.  

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African researchers often serve as indispensable gatekeepers to the communities where Northern academics proudly build their careers—but this burden comes at a high cost to locals and exacerbates the inherent coloniality that underlies North-South collaboration.  

Evidence from past health emergencies sparked fears that COVID-19 would disrupt access to contraception, especially for women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa—but data collected in 4 countries yielded had some surprising findings.

Amid overwhelming demand for medical oxygen, India has barred exports of liquid and cylinder oxygen—which some of its neighbors rely on.  

Representatives to the World Health Assembly will likely commit today to holding talks late this year on a proposed international treaty on pandemic preparedness. The special ministerial session could pave the way for negotiations on a treaty that would ensure “countries’…