WHO’s numbers continue to detail a dire global vaccine gap, despite the World Health Assembly’s goal of vaccinating 10% of the global population by September 30.   Zooming in on Africa:

60% of the 55 million families affected by Alzheimer’s globally live in low- and middle-income countries—yet the vast majority of genetic research on the disease has been limited to westerners.

When Serbian forces bombed Sarajevo, Bosnia on May, 26, 1992, the pediatric hospital came under direct attack. Nurses scrambled to save 17 premature babies—carrying 2 or 3 apiece to the basement while bullets and shells rained down. 9 of the babies died.

Follow-up tests have found no evidence of Ebola in a woman in Ivory Coast who tested positive for the virus last month,

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While almost all global sports have banned sponsorships from Big Tobacco, Formula 1 racing teams have put the pedal to the metal and will rake in an estimated $105 million this year, according to

Students searching for ways to alleviate extreme poverty found a solution right under their feet: replacing dirt floors.  

After a grueling 18 months+ of COVID-19, the last thing most people want to think about is the next global health crisis. Nature’s Amy Maxmen talks with more than a dozen experts from around the world who are hard at work doing just that. 

South Africa has been hammered by the Delta variant while waiting on tens of millions of ordered doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine—and meanwhile, shots “filled and finished” in-country are being exported to Europe,

Ivory Coast reported its first Ebola case in decades on Saturday.