The pandemic has upended research efforts across the world—how are institutions coping?   Brazil: Lacking government guidance, scientists working on COVID-19 vaccines and diagnostics implemented their own safety measures. They've canceled data collection…

The Lancet’s new 2019 Global Burden of Disease report finds consistent improvements in h

Having made a career critiquing spectacles that he doesn’t have to execute, music writer Mark Beaumont has some thoughts about how to rescue concerts for the COVID era.   Worried about air flow? A skydive show “while plummeting to the ground at 120mph” is…

It’s well known that infants and elderly people are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases—but what happens in between those age extremes?  

White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator Deborah Birx has been praised as a data-driven task master. She has also aggressively undermined the CDC and sometimes pushed the president’s position over scientific consensus, a Science investigation found.   The most…

Remdesivir and other treatments had little-to-no effect on mortality, duration of hospital stays, or the need for ventilators among COVID-19 patients, according to interim results of the

The White House is “openly embracing” a controversial herd immunity strategy in a bid to end lockdowns over the objections of top scientists, 

After months of covering the gloomiest of COVID-19 forecasts, Donald G. McNeil, Jr has “become cautiously optimistic” about the trajectory of the pandemic in the US. That’s not discounting the tragedy thus far, nor a potentially grim fall and winter. But, he argues: 

Almost half of Black American adults say they’ll pass on a COVID-19 vaccine even if it were free and deemed safe, according to a new poll from 

The 25-year-old man from Washoe County, Nevada had classic symptoms of COVID-19 (sore throat, cough, headache…) when he got his first positive test on April 18, according to