Medical and public health experts are warning that President Trump’s decision to sever ties with the WHO will not only endanger the COVID-19 response but will roll back progress against other global health fights like polio, malaria, and vaccine delivery, CNN reports.

The WHO paused hydroxychloroquine’s inclusion yesterday in a global trial of COVID-19 treatments, following Friday’s release of a study linking the drug to harmful outcomes, Politico reports.

Early results from human testing of a vaccine against the novel coronavirus suggest—but don’t prove—that it offers some immunity, The Washington Post reports.  

A historic 73rd World Health Assembly is underway, amid a global high-stakes battle against the “worst pandemic in modern history, NPR Goats and Soda reports. The unprecedented gathering, for the first time ever taking place not in Geneva but via teleconference, gives…

47 African countries can expect a quarter billion COVID-19 cases, according to a new WHO model, though they will likely suffer fewer deaths over a longer time than the US and Europe, The Guardian reports.

COVID-19’s collateral damage could drive up the global child mortality rate for the first time in 6 decades, The Washington Post reports, citing a 

Much of the current COVID-19 discussion across the US focuses on choreographing a transition from what has been called the “hammer” of lockdowns to the “dance” of a carefully staged easing of certain restrictions.   

The majority of people in the world cannot afford healthy food, according to the Global Nutrition Report 2020. The report was written before the coronavirus pandemic—but the global crisis only makes the findings more significant.  

SARS-CoV-2 is far from one of a kind. Bats alone carry some 3,200 coronavirus strains that could reach humans, and climate change is making that increasingly likely.

Facebook and YouTube have pulled 'Plandemic,' a viral video touting unsubstantiated claims about the novel coronavirus—but edited versions remain online, Reuters reports.