As COVID-19 continues its worldwide attack, few pockets remain untouched. Here's a grim, global tour:South-East Asia

Official numbers may indicate that Africa is being spared the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak—but the continent is waiting for the “ticking time bomb” to explode, Science reports.  

The WHO has called out China for failing to share data on coronavirus infections among health care workers—one of the global health agency’s few public criticisms of China’s handling of the outbreak, according to The Washington Post. China waited until February 14 to…

While the global health community has mobilized swiftly against the Wuhan coronavirus,  preventable childhood pneumonia kills more than 800,000 children each year—making it more lethal than HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. 

It’s the global health world’s ultimate goal: disease elimination. After the eradication of smallpox in 1979, the global health community set its sights on several other deadly diseases, including polio, TB, and malaria. Comprehensively beating diseases like these is a…

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children,” said Nelson Mandela at the 2002 UN General Assembly Special Session on Children. 1.3 billion children around the world lack access to surgical and anesthesia care.

As the Wuhan coronavirus spreads beyond China, officials now confirm the virus can spread through human contact—though the ease of transmission remains a mystery, STAT reports.   The latest updates: 

2 people in China have now died from the new coronavirus that has sickened dozens in Wuhan as well as 2 in Thailand and 1 in Japan, AP reports.   The latest death was a 69-year-old man with myriad medical conditions including organ impairment and abnormal renal function—but…

Countries should fight public health threats with the same vigor they use to tackle terrorism, WHO warns in a roundup of the top health challenges of the next decade.   Highlights from the list (in no particular order): 

Limited human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus may have occurred within families, and WHO is now preparing for the possibility of a wider outbreak, Reuters reports