Letter to the Editor Last weekend, the neurosurgery field gathered for the first Global Neurosurgery 2019: A Practical Symposium, hosted by the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center January 18-19.

For Indian airline executive ElsaMarie D’Silva, the gang rape that killed a Delhi college student in 2012 was a turning point.

WASHINGTON, DC—The day that Christy Turlington Burns became a mother is the day she became a maternal health advocate, she shared at a recent gathering of public health advocates.

KIGALI—The delegates assembled for the 5th International Conference on Family Planning are more than just advocates of family planning, Gates Institute Director Jose “Oying” Rimon II said in his opening remarks. They might as well be superheroes, because family planning…

Many delegates will trickle into Kigali, Rwanda this weekend for the 5th International Conference on Family Planning with little fanfare—but the youth are already starting to steal the show, with a virtual youth relay that started in Mombasa, Kenya earlier this week.

Systemic challenges to conducting research continue to continue to hold back science in low- and middle-income countries, write Senjuti Saha, PhD, and colleagues in a recent commentary for eLife. They warn that without immediate and sustained interventions, the gap in…

The global health community is gathering this week in Astana, Kazakhstan, to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1978 Alma Ata conference on primary health care. This time around, primary health care is being framed through the lens of universal health coverage (UHC).

With scant resources and a tight timeframe—just over a decade—to reach 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets, a “nexus approach” could unlock solutions to multiple challenges simultaneously.

Youth is an attitude, not a number. It is fundamentally a growth mindset that global health leaders of all ages should embrace to imagine and deliver innovative solutions to our field’s complex challenges.

Complex problems. Competing priorities. Insufficient resources. Conflicting opinions. Political concerns. Just 24 hours in a day... There’s no end to obstacles in public health, but leaders must find a way—or fail. In September 2018, Global Health NOW launches a series (a…