About 50 anti-vaccine protesters shut down a mass vaccination site at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon,

One of the biggest hurdles in COVID-19 vaccine distribution: getting people to take it. Consider Pakistan: 

Aging immune systems are not good at detecting and fighting off novel pathogens—and that poses a special challenge to researchers racing to create a vaccine for COVID-19, which has 

Under an audacious plan known as “Operation Warp Speed,” President Trump has pledged to deliver “hundreds of millions” of COVID-19 vaccine doses by year’s end,STAT reports. If successful, the plan would shock the system of vaccine development, which usually takes years.   

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is a litigious fringe group of about 5,000 doctors that believes in “private medicine.” “We have opposed attempts to intrude government and other third parties between the patients and the physicians,” says executive…

Countries are scrambling to crack down on anti-vaxxers amid a 300% rise in measles cases the last few years.

Some doctors are trying out a new approach to sway vaccine-doubting parents—one rooted in dialogue, aimed at assuaging a parents’ hesitancy before it becomes entrenched.   Meeting with a hesitant new mother in Québec, neonatologist Arnaud Gagneur used motivational…

The term “conscientious objector” is closely associated with war—but it originally referred to people who refused vaccines. In 1800s England, after vaccination rules were loosened to allow for a “conscience clause” conscientious objection cases spiraled, sparking debate. …

Wish you had an app to help you talk to the vaccine skeptics in your life?   Now you do. Verywell’s “Healthy Conversations” takes a choose-your-own-adventure approach for those striving for productive dialogue.   Playing the part of the doubter, Verywell might say:  

It’s common knowledge that the American measles outbreak is spurred by parents refusing to vaccinate their children. But what cultural phenomena led to this?