Gazan cancer patients who once travelled frequently to Israel for medical treatment are now waiting months for applications to be approved, if they’re greenlit at allleaving many breast cancer patients with scant options in Gaza’s public hospitals, which…

Tens of thousands of women with the most common form of breast cancer can safely skip chemotherapy post-surgery, according to much-anticipated research published Sunday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Governments around the world will not reach the Sustainable Development Goal of sharply reducing premature deaths unless “urgent action” is taken, according to a WHO report published today in The Lancet.

Disorganized data is holding back research into genetic data that can help predict which drugs will work on tumors.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in damages have been awarded to women diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using a diaper bag staple, Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder. Their lawyers convinced juries that tiny talc particles could make their way through a woman’s…

China is leading the way in biotechnology, but its bioethics are another story, writes Yangyang Cheng. China is way ahead on using CRISPR technology to treat cancer with some 8 clinical trials. In 2006 China finally admitted to harvesting organs from executed prisoners,…

Intro to the Series Part I: Palliative Pain Relief Woefully Inadequate Worldwide reveals that in much of the world, unrelieved suffering is a daily reality.

Pairing an immunotherapy drug with chemo significantly prolonged the lives of newly diagnosed advanced lung cancer patients compared to chemo alone, found a much-anticipated new study.

What weapon do tobacco, fossil fuel and cell phone bosses have in common? Doubt, write Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie.

The 9th annual Consortium of Universities for Global Health conference is underway in New York, ready to inspire the global health academic community to take knowledge on paper and breathe life into it to tackle neglected challenges.