A trio of new studies suggest COVID-19 is being passed between animals and humans:  

India may soon pass Brazil to become the pandemic’s second-worst hit country.

As reports of a novel coronavirus began streaming in, masks were ubiquitous among people in China and other early targets of the virus.  

Italian health workers are facing “war-like” conditions as they work around the clock to contain COVID-19, 

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus had a stark wake-up call to countries giving up or not stepping up to mobilize against COVID-19,  EuroNews reports. “This is not a drill, this is not a time to give up, this is not a time for excuses, this is a time…

The WHO's new coronavirus response plan calls for $675 million to support response activities over the next 3 months, CIDRAP reports.  

2 people in China have now died from the new coronavirus that has sickened dozens in Wuhan as well as 2 in Thailand and 1 in Japan, AP reports.   The latest death was a 69-year-old man with myriad medical conditions including organ impairment and abnormal renal function—but…

Protests surrounding the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Sunday presidential election turned violent, further damaging Ebola response efforts. Protesters set on fire the Rwangoma Health Center, the Malepe Health Station and the Ngongolyo Health Center and destroyed many…

Ebola cases in the DRC have reached 500 cases and 289 deaths, CIDRAP reported. The last time Ebola cases topped 500, it “didn’t turn out so well,” Helen Branswell noted in a Twitter thread.

Reports of new Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo keep climbing, but the focus isn’t just on treating the sick—it’s also on transforming the treatment.