Despite the now-boundless reach of his famous TV programs, more people than ever are out of touch with the natural world, the iconic naturalist David Attenborough warned at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, BBC reported.

A few days into 2019, ClimateAdam is in the early stages of Veganuary

2018 wasn’t a quiet year in global health. Between human rights atrocities, reemerging diseases, and climate change, we’ve pulled together our list of problems that couldn’t be conquered in 2018, setting a busy agenda for 2019.  

At the Center for Global Development Leaders’ Conference in London last week, agency leaders faced some harsh truths about multilateral global aid. Namely: Global issues like climate change and population growth are increasingly systemic and borderless while the political…

Wildfires, even those stoked by climate change, are natural phenomena. “What turns them into disaster,” says Ian Davies of the University of Washington, “are the social and political factors.”

With scant resources and a tight timeframe—just over a decade—to reach 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets, a “nexus approach” could unlock solutions to multiple challenges simultaneously.

Climate scientists say Australia has effectively left the Paris climate pact by abandoning a plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

World hunger is rising, driven by extreme weather tied to climate change, a UN report released today warned.  

People in cities along American Southwest’s “heat belt” are used to high temperatures, but climate change and urban development are making life hotter and harder. “It is killing people, and it’s making people sick to a higher and higher degree,” says Kim Knowlton of the…

A PNAS study presents an urgent warning: Crossing a series of critical thresholds could push the Earth into nearly uninhabitable “hellish hothouse conditions” in the next century.