AstraZeneca paused its Phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trial, citing a suspected adverse reaction in one UK participant and an “abundance of caution.” A standard review process triggered the hold, AstraZeneca said. It didn't share details but noted the illness could be unrelated…

As the global vaccine race intensifies, scientists warn that the rush to market could advance an inferior vaccine, The Guardian reports.

President Trump’s announcement yesterday that the FDA would grant an emergency use authorization of convalescent plasma as a COVID-19 treatment has drawn mixed reviews from physicians and scientists, 

Clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines haven't tested candidates in pregnant women, a common practice rooted in safety concerns.   But with a vaccine this badly needed, there’s also an argument that they should be included earlier to ensure all the necessary safety and…

In the frantic race for a COVID-19 vaccine, a longstanding issue in clinical trials persists: the lack of diversity.  

Russia has declared a COVID-19 vaccine ready for use—despite a chorus of international concern that it just began Phase 3 trials last week, the AP reports.

Moderna’s vaccine candidate began its final phase 3 clinical trial yesterday—the first US vaccine to reach that milestone, MSNBC reports. 

It’s still early days for 2 coronavirus vaccine candidates, but trial results published yesterday in The Lancet earned promising (though qualified) results.

The Indian Academy of Sciences pushed back on its government's plans to release its homegrown vaccine in mid-August, calling the timeline “unreasonable and without precedent,” according to

Hydroxychloroquine did not prevent people exposed to COVID-19 from developing the disease, STAT reports, citing research published in the