Africa’s COVID-19 deaths hit a record high for the week ending August 1, the

In announcing the settlement yesterday with the 3 biggest opioid distributors and drugmaker Johnson & Johnson, a group of state attorneys general acknowledge the compensation is insufficient for those who lost loved ones to opioids,

The US is entering a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” as demand for jabs slows and the Delta variant whips through unprotected populations, CDC chief Rochelle Walensky warned Friday.  

The death toll is 103 and rising from massive flash floods that caught Germany and its western neighbors off guard, as once-in-a-century rains weaponized swollen rivers and carved a path of destruction through ill-prepared villages,

COVID-19 moving at its fastest pace yet across Africa as cases have risen for 8 straight weeks and deaths rose 43% in the week ending July 11, from 4,384 to 6,273,

While grieving family members combed through charred blankets and belongings looking for signs of their loved ones, the death toll climbed to 92 in a fire that blazed through a COVID-19 hospital ward in Nasiriya, Iraq Monday night, 

COVID-19 deaths of those incarcerated in the US may be significantly higher than the official total of about 2,700, according to a New York Times investigation that found dozens of deaths that went unrecorded.  

COVID-19 is accelerating in Africa as reported weekly cases have jumped 44% and deaths are up 20%,

The US has surpassed 600,000 COVID-19 deaths—the highest of any country in the world, 

COVID-19 cases are trending upward in 14 African countries and have shot up by more than 30% in 8 countries—as the continent awaits vaccine shipments.