They have done their jobs, and their jobs have done them in.   18 months into the pandemic, exhausted US health workers are grappling with burnout as COVID-19 cases are increasing yet again.  

The US is entering a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” as demand for jabs slows and the Delta variant whips through unprotected populations, CDC chief Rochelle Walensky warned Friday.  

Power outages are a pain at the best of times—when they occur in hospitals, they can be deadly and costly.  Now, they are a top concern for South Africa’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  

The portfolio of the Manhattan firm Siri & Glimstad—the go-to lawyers for anti-vaccination groups—is a peephole into the well-resourced fight against vaccine mandates in American police forces, schools, and other institutions,

Representatives to the World Health Assembly will likely commit today to holding talks late this year on a proposed international treaty on pandemic preparedness. The special ministerial session could pave the way for negotiations on a treaty that would ensure “countries’…

Patients who end up hospitalized with severe Covid are far likelier to die in Africa than other parts of the world,

A crush of people mobbed a Manila site trying to get the Pfizer vaccine earlier this week.

Already the epicenter of the pandemic, India’s COVID-19 response has now been intercepted by a cyclone,

If you felt no side effects from your Covid vaccine, should you worry?  No. Feeling terrible after a vaccine isn’t proof of a healthy immune response, according to University of Massachusetts professor Robert Finberg.   Immune systems have 2 lines of defense against…

The most vaccinated nation on earth is suffering a worrisome surge in COVID-19 cases, The