As wealthy nations roll out millions of COVID-19 vaccines and are beginning to reap the benefits, a devastating inverse trend in South America is sending cases soaring, PAHO chief

Vaccines are not just tools for disease prevention, they’re also a means for countries to project soft power in lower-income countries,

Good news on reinfection front: US NIH researchers found that people with SARS-CoV-2 antibodies showed “substantial” immunity to the virus at least for a few months, 

Behind each COVID-19 death is an unfathomable ordeal that is largely witnessed only by physicians and nurses.   The struggle for air is like breathing through a very narrow straw… indefinitely. Lungs feel “full of bees.”

Coronavirus cases are surging in Iraq amid widespread shirking of restrictions like mask-wearing and doubt about whether the pandemic is real.   New daily cases, which were under 600 a month ago, reached 3,896 on last week. Half of them involve the variant discovered in the…

The unimaginable becomes real.  

For months, Africa’s intelligence and law enforcement circles have worried that counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines might flow through the continent’s free-trade ports, which are key economic drivers but also hubs for illicit imports, according to a deep-dive 

Peru’s problem in the global scramble for vaccines: It’s too rich for free COVAX doses but too poor to deploy the kind of programs its wealthier neighbors are rolling out.     

The Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine grabbed headlines this week after a preprint

About 70-85% of a population must become immune to COVID-19 to reach herd immunity, and the math, at least in the US, isn’t looking good.