AstraZeneca said it will release up-to-date results within 48 hours after being stung last night by an independent US monitoring panel’s concerns that the company had relied on “outdated information” in the promising analysis of its COVID-19 vaccine’s efficacy data.   The…

If you can’t convince public health workers to get vaccinated, you’ve got a problem.  

Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine secured approvals for widespread use by the

Menthol cigarettes escaped a US FDA ban on flavored cigarettes in 2009, but that may change after a lawsuit from public health groups highlighting the products’ disproportionate use among Black smokers.  

It’s time to fix the staggering global inequities in access to COVID-19 vaccines, writes Gavin Yamey in a

Responding to the rise of variants, the US FDA has issued new guidance for pharmaceutical companies on adapting COVID-19 

As vaccination programs race to get ahead of more contagious new coronavirus variants, will rapid tests be a linchpin of success?  

The researchers behind an ill-fated HIV vaccine have published a letter in The Lancet 

The US will not join in the global effort to develop and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine, the Trump administration announced yesterday, saying it doesn’t want to be constrained by “corrupt” multilateral organizations influenced by the WHO and China, 

The data on convalescent plasma as a COVID-19 therapy are inconclusive, an NIH panel determined yesterday—undercutting the FDA’s controversial August 23 endorsement of the therapy,