When he was the Minister of Health for Ethiopia, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus used to worry instead about the health of 100 million people. Now as WHO’s Director-General, Tedros has 7.5 billion people to worry about.

Since taking charge of WHO in July 2017, Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has sought to transform the organization. Tedros (as he likes to be known) has focused WHO on health equity, confronting new threats, and emergency preparedness and response. David Peters,…

The health of millions of pilgrims who flock to Saudi Arabia each year is a matter of global consequence, and one entrepreneur is looking to make antibacterial cloth a staple of the formal rite.   The idea came from the carpets used by millions of worshipers, at the Grand…

“Elimination of podoconiosis is achievable within one generation,” claim Kebede Deribe and colleagues. To do so, progress in research must continue and be met with robust implementation.

Representatives from 194 Member States. 5 days. 1 decision-making body. So much goes into the WHO’S World Health Assembly every year, the single opportunity to “take the temperature” of the global health community to inform the organization’s policies, workplan and budget.

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A PNAS study presents an urgent warning: Crossing a series of critical thresholds could push the Earth into nearly uninhabitable “hellish hothouse conditions” in the next century.

MONTRÉAL, Quebec—Warming of the subarctic permafrost. Asthma exacerbated by wildfires. Changes in the diet of the Dene people.  

MONTRÉAL, Quebec— Courtney Howard had to act. As an emergency department physician in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Howard, MD, sees climate change behind the warming of the subarctic permafrost, the asthma cases exacerbated by wildfires and the changes in the diet…