Today, students from New Delhi to New York are gathering for the largest global climate protests to date, AFP reports.  

In 2014, NPR reported a rise in chronic kidney disease of unknown origin among young, healthy Central American laborers.

There's no shortage of reminders about the Earth's fate if warming reaches 2 degrees Celsius.   But warming is not spread evenly, and swaths of the globe have already reached that threshold or are close to it, a Washington Post analysis of "2C hotspots."  

Climate change and unprecedented exploitation of earth’s resources are endangering humans’ ability to feed a still-growing global population, according to a UN report released today.

The impact of climate change in India now extends to weddings.   In rural regions, families of young women are rejecting the proposals of suitors, whose earning prospects as farmers or laborers have become increasingly dim due to drought-ruined crops and dry reservoirs.   “…

Scientists buffeted by climate change denial and vaccine resistance, take heart: Americans' confidence in scientists is rising, a new Pew Research Center survey shows.

Previous fluctuations in the Earth’s climate pale in comparison to what we’re seeing now, a new study published yesterday in Nature confirms.  

Decades early, average temperatures in some Kenyan counties are 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrialized levels.    Researchers predicted a global 1.5C increase by 2030-2052. 2 Kenyan counties already average 1.91C increases since 1969 and several others range from 1.59…

The polar caps are warming 2X faster than middle latitudes. Remote villages like Quinhagak in southwestern Alaska are in crisis and may be “canaries in the collective coal mine” for the globe. Quinhagak loses land yearly to erosion, storm surge and tundra thaw. Livelihoods…

Over 70 public health and medical groups teamed up to call climate change a health emergency and push for a shift away from fossil fuels, NBC reports.