Health workforces in wealthy countries lean heavily on staff from the global South—and demand is only rising as health worker deaths from COVID-19 add to wealthy countries’ demand for foreign health workers.  

When the pandemic hit hard in the Appalachian highlands, health workers at Johnston Memorial Hospital were lionized by some.  But as COVID-19 spread in the community, so did conspiracy theories that mobile morgues were stage props; nurses were profiting from COVID-19…

COVID-19’s mental health toll on health care workers has been documented—but what about public health workers? A new CDC survey shows that they experienced impacts comparable to other health workers. 

In Pakistan’s Lady Health Workers program, 100,000 female community health workers go door to door, dispensing the oral polio vaccine to children in the country’s rural and marginalized areas.  

Last fall La Suprema, a $120 million cruise ship docked off the coast of Italy, morphed from a velvet-adorned vacation destination to a COVID-19 quarantine facility housing migrants from the Middle East and Africa.   

The pandemic may change life forever for low-paid health workers left wondering if the job’s demands are worth it.  

Birth workers of color believe that growing their ranks could help improve outcomes for Black mothers and babies—but it’s also an access issue.  

Dozens of Hungarian news outlets have demanded access to health workers in an open letter today protesting their government’s suppression of COVID-19 reporting, 

Until a month ago, the CDC considered surgical masks sufficient protection for frontline health workers caring for patients outside of COVID-19 ICUs. By the time it updated guidelines, most of the 3,500 U.S. health care worker deaths from COVID-19 had already occurred. 

COVID-19 cases may seem low in Burkina Faso, but the pandemic is soaking up precious emergency care resources,