Burkina Faso is facing an “unprecedented” humanitarian crisis that has forced 70,000 people from their homes in the past 2 months, CGTN Africa reports.

Nodding syndrome has devastated thousands of lives across some of East Africa’s most vulnerable and isolated communities.

Yemen’s unrelenting humanitarian crisis is putting unborn children and their mothers at risk, with more than a million pregnant and lactating women acutely malnourished. As medical specialists flee the country, overstretched hospitals are recruiting unlicensed new graduates…

The UN issued a report this week indexing a horrific list of alleged international war crimes committed by “all factions” involved in Yemen’s ongoing violent conflict.  

Armed with heartbreaking images, Nicholas Kristof doesn’t mince words. “Let’s be blunt: With U.S. and U.K. complicity, the Saudi government is committing war crimes in Yemen,” he writes.

As humanitarian crises grow more complex, a new, multisectoral skillset is required for responders: Public health professionals must understand shelter; engineers must understand how diseases spread.

Amid increasing violence in Yemen, medical relief efforts are stalled due to airport closures and restrictions on seaports, reports Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). The humanitarian organization is unable to bring in desperately needed medical supplies and trained…

What happened to more than half of the $18 million allocated by the Sierra Leone government to fight Ebola? The question is the subject of an investigation into mishandling of funds set aside to respond to the Ebola epidemic, which killed more than 3,700 in Sierra Leone.