Polluted air caused nearly 500,000 babies to die prematurely last year–mostly in low- and middle-income countries, 

During the coronavirus lockdown in Nepal, hospital births dropped 50%, and stillbirths and infant deaths rose by about the same amount, according to 

The numbers are stunning: Every day, there are more than 1 million new cases of 4 sexually transmitted infections, according to a new WHO report. The STIs studied were: chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and syphilis.  

Last year, it looked like 2 million babies would go without the crucial vaccine for rotavirus, a disease that causes severe diarrhea and dehydration and kills 200,000 children and babies every year. After 6 years, Merck & Co scrapped a deal to supply RotaTeq vaccines…

“It is not the time and place to be pessimistic,” says Jean Chrysostome Gody, director of the Central African Republic’s only pediatric hospital. His core contribution: As years of fighting left the country in tatters, Gody stayed behind and designed a program that just…

The case against a Chinese scientist’s “CRISPR twins” experiment has been laid out in Nature Medicine. He Jiankui attempted to engineer human embryos with a rare genetic variant known for protecting against HIV infection—but which also comes with a 21% higher mortality…

Venezuela may have lost 2 decades of progress against infant mortality. With its health system collapsing, Venezuela is now the only South American country to see infant mortality rates return to 1990s levels, according to a new report published in The Lancet Global Health.

For some women in Alabama, using a midwife is less about religion and wellness than avoiding traumatic experiences at hospitals. The state’s infant mortality rate is among America’s highest, and maternal mortality is climbing, too.

“Very, very encouraging indeed” were the results of a rotavirus vaccine rollout in Malawi, according to the country’s head of health services.

Up to 22% of infant deaths in sub-Saharan Africa could be prevented with minor improvements to air quality, according to a new study published in Nature.