The case against a Chinese scientist’s “CRISPR twins” experiment has been laid out in Nature Medicine. He Jiankui attempted to engineer human embryos with a rare genetic variant known for protecting against HIV infection—but which also comes with a 21% higher mortality…

Venezuela may have lost 2 decades of progress against infant mortality. With its health system collapsing, Venezuela is now the only South American country to see infant mortality rates return to 1990s levels, according to a new report published in The Lancet Global Health.

For some women in Alabama, using a midwife is less about religion and wellness than avoiding traumatic experiences at hospitals. The state’s infant mortality rate is among America’s highest, and maternal mortality is climbing, too.

“Very, very encouraging indeed” were the results of a rotavirus vaccine rollout in Malawi, according to the country’s head of health services.

Up to 22% of infant deaths in sub-Saharan Africa could be prevented with minor improvements to air quality, according to a new study published in Nature.

The WHO says it will decide by 2019 whether to recommend routine antibiotics for infants in poor countries after a large study—known as the Mordor trial—revealed that receiving 2 annual doses of antibiotics reduced infant mortality by as much as 25%.

Over 26 years of civil war in Somaliland completely decimated its health services. In the chaos, many health care professionals were either killed or fled the country, more than half a million people lost their lives, and a further million became refugees. Civilians were…