“Don’t wait for Pig Zero,” touted the drugmaker Elanco, encouraging farmers to liberally distribute antibiotics to herds as a preventive measure that also fattens up livestock.   It’s the opposite of the message health officials want to send. The FDA prohibits the fattening…

Hurricane Florence’s torrential rains are set to pummel the US East Coast this week in a potentially-historic storm—and that could set off a public health nightmare, contaminating drinking water with overflowed toxic waste and manure.

The ads take clear aim at stressed, hassled moms. “Breathe,” one ad encourages moms. “Pour a glass of wine … Prepare your family the chicken. Whether the label says ‘no antibiotics’ or not, the meat and milk you buy is free of harmful residues from antibiotics.”

Excessive, unnecessary use of medically important antibiotics in livestock production is spurring antibiotic resistance in animals and humans, confirms a Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) report published this week.