South Asia—one of the most polluted regions on Earth—also has the highest global burden of pregnancy loss.

The number of female inmates held in American jails has risen over 20% in the past decade—and it’s an increasingly dangerous experience for women.   Every year, thousands arrive pregnant. Babies, like Shade Swayzer’s, have died after being born behind bars to mothers…

During the coronavirus lockdown in Nepal, hospital births dropped 50%, and stillbirths and infant deaths rose by about the same amount, according to 

Before COVID-19, Sister Astridah Banda—a Catholic nun in Zambia— offered up maternal health advice over the airwaves. Now she’s pivoted to address the COVID-19 crisis in local languages.   English is Zambia’s official language—but over 70 languages are spoken across the…

COVID-19’s multiple frontlines now include at least 46 countries across the African continent. Many, including Ethiopia, have frontline health care facilities battling without one of the most critical tools: adequate water and sanitation.

The effects of climate change are fueling violence against women and girls, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Deutsche Welle 

In a worrisome trend, mother-to-child transmission of HIV have been creeping back in a handful of countries over the last 18 months—jeopardizing prog

President Trump’s brand of the “global gag rule,” which bans funding to foreign NGOs that provide abortion counseling or referrals, is having worse effects than those of previous Republication administrations.  His souped-up rendition endangers far more lives of children…

When I was 3, India opened up its economy, bringing in companies from around the world. Everything changed. As a baby, I had cloth diapers. My younger brother wore disposable diapers.

Resilience—the personal resources an individual has to effectively deal with difficult challenges—may be key in mitigating impacts of stress during pregnancy and postpartum depression.