After seeing decades of safety gains, experts say the pandemic has made US drivers more reckless, leading to a startling spike in traffic fatalities, accidents, and citations. 2020 saw a 7.2% rise in US traffic fatalities, followed by an 18% jump in the first 6 months …

A Texas law that bans abortions as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy went into effect this morning after the US Supreme Court did not respond to abortion providers’ emergency appeal, 

Today there are more adolescents in the world than ever before: 1 in 6 of the world’s population. Nearly 90% of these adolescents live in low- and middle-income countries. More than half of the people in Kyrgyzstan, a post-Soviet, landlocked country in the heart of Central…

In an Olympics bombshell, megastar Simone Biles withdrew from the Tokyo Games yesterday after her first event.  

COVID-19’s mental health toll on health care workers has been documented—but what about public health workers? A new CDC survey shows that they experienced impacts comparable to other health workers. 

During the pandemic, when he was often the only emergency room physician on duty at his Utah hospital, Scott Jolley reached a tipping point. He took a sabbatical in August 2020 and sought help, but Jolley’s story ended in tragedy with his suicide.    

The 74th World Health Assembly closed Monday with a strong call for an empowered WHO and a pandemic treaty to strengthen global preparedness for health emergencies.    Top priorities: Ending the COVID-19 pandemic and preventing the next one.

Today marks 1 year since the murder of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer, galvanizing a national reckoning on racism that cast new light on law enforcement and health.

Rates of teen depression have spiraled in the past decade—mental health researchers believe social media may have a large role to play,

Police mistake someone who is mentally ill as an immediate threat, and the person in crisis ends up dead at the hands of law enforcement.