Vaccines are on the way, but distribution presents herculean ethical and logistical challenges.

When Philadelphia police shot and killed Water Wallace, Jr.—a 27-year-old Black man—it was the latest in a string of police killings that has forced a national reckoning with racism in law enforcement, 

The Black Death that hit Europe in the 1340s and early 1350s and killed tens of millions has some striking similarities to the current pandemic,

While some in the US continue to assert that America’s COVID-19 death count—now 200,000+—is overblown, it's not. How do we know?  

Racial bias is built into analytics software designed to target services to the neediest patients, according to a 

Kelli Dillon longed to have a second chance at motherhood upon her release from prison.   Instead, she was told she might have cancer, was chained, and lined up with 4 other prisoners for “assembly-line” surgery.   But that was a lie: She’d been intentionally sterilized.…

Almost half of Black American adults say they’ll pass on a COVID-19 vaccine even if it were free and deemed safe, according to a new poll from 

There's clear consensus that racial equity is key to COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Now, the debate is how to best achieve that.     

Under pressure to ensure inclusion, COVID-19 vaccine trials are “face to face with health care’s deepest fault lines,” write Eric Boodman.   People of color often mistrust the medical system because of racism past and present—and they are less likely to have health…

American Indians and Alaska Natives have been found to be