Scientists can bite their tongues no longer as the US hurtles toward a high-stakes elections during the worst public health crisis in a lifetime.

Calling him “confused,” President Trump rebuked CDC director Robert Redfield for warning the US Congress yesterday that a vaccine wouldn’t be widely available until mid-2021 Reuters report

President Trump deliberately misled the public about the dangers of COVID-19 early in the pandemic, according to bombshell interviews for Watergate journalist Bob Woodward's new book, 

However successful Middle Eastern and North African nations have been in tackling the physical spread of COVID-19, disinformation thrives in the volatile region.     

Despite pledges to tackle misinformation, Facebook has allowed COVID-19 lies and conspiracies to spread like wildfire on the platform, according to a damning new report by the nonprofit Av

Contrary to myths spreading in Zimbabwe, drinking alcohol won’t kill the coronavirus. It is not okay to share face masks. And unfortunately, Africans can indeed get COVID-190—including more than 1,800 people in Zimbabwe. That’s lower than many other African countries, but…

With families forced to stay physically apart, a multigenerational flurry of digital communication has become the norm, making WhatsApp more than ever a “breeding ground for hoax messages.”  

“Multiple hotspots” of COVID-19 are emerging in Latin America, warned Carissa Etienne, head of WHO's Pan American Health Organization. As cases continue to climb, modeling projections predict steep increases to come in some countries, CIDRAP reports. But undercounts…

Under an audacious plan known as “Operation Warp Speed,” President Trump has pledged to deliver “hundreds of millions” of COVID-19 vaccine doses by year’s end,STAT reports. If successful, the plan would shock the system of vaccine development, which usually takes years.   

Facebook and YouTube have pulled 'Plandemic,' a viral video touting unsubstantiated claims about the novel coronavirus—but edited versions remain online, Reuters reports.