As countries remain preoccupied with their COVID-19 responses, aid is approaching a “fiscal cliff” in Yemen—which was facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis well before the pandemic, NPR reports.  

America's COVID-19 death toll passed 100,000 yesterday—a toll that far exceeds any other country’s and is almost certainly an undercount, the New York Times reports. The pandemic is now on track to be the nation’s deadliest public health disaster since the 1918 flu…

Undeterred by a death toll approaching 100,000, Americans crowded beaches and swimming pools over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, The Guardian reports. Police tried to break up a party on Daytona Beach, Florida. Hundreds packed a Lake of the Ozarks pool party; a tweet…

A new Lancet study of 2 Manhattan hospitals underscores COVID-19’s outsize impact on the elderly.  

Surging COVID-19 cases in Russia are disproportionately hitting health workers, ABC reports. “We are on the threshold simply of a collapse in health personnel,” says Andrey Konoval, head of an independent health workers union, Dyeistviye.

The WHO’s decision to elevate COVID-19’s estimated fatality rate to 3.4% this week fueled more confusion—but it appears to be because there aren’t as many asymptomatic cases as thought, CNBC reports.   

Weeks ago, Iranian health officials said COVID-19 was no match for their public health system and dismissed quarantines as “archaic.” Now, their country has the most COVID-19 deaths outside of China. A top government priority? Silencing medical workers.

A new paper in the journal Addiction suggests the opioid crisis is even worse than official death counts suggest.  

Mass distribution of the antibiotic azithromycin has been shown to reduce under-5 mortality by 14% compared to the placebo.   But those promising results also raised big questions about the usefulness of mass deploying antibiotics, and whether it promotes antibiotic…

Firearm deaths—the No. 2 cause of child and adolescent mortality—get appallingly short shrift in terms of prevention in America, where gun deaths of children are 36 times higher than other high-income countries.