Infection with malaria-causing Plasmodium parasites can give humans a certain smell that attracts mosquitoes, found new research shedding light on malaria’s efficient spread.

Ivermectin shows promise as a new tool for malaria elimination, according to a new study published by the Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Agencies across the US have been hoarding unprecedented treasure troves of data on mosquitoes for decades, and researchers Micaela Elvira Martinez and Samuel Rund think it’s time to make it public with a national database.  

To document climate change’s effects on the fight against mosquitoes, Maryn McKenna turned to Texas. The best defenses rest on individual actions, like clearing garbage and pools of water—strategies that tend to place a heavy burden on poor families.  

The number of parasites a mosquito carries—not the number of times it bites a victim—determines the likelihood that someone will catch malaria, according to arecent study by UK researchers.  

A new study of infection patterns during a 2012 chikungunya outbreak in Bangladesh indicates that women there may be especially vulnerable to mosquito-borne diseases because they spend most of the day at home. The study, led by Henrik Salje of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg…

Malaria parasites can develop resistance to a common antimalarial drug—but they pay for it dearly down the road, University of Melbourne researchers have shown.