Spain is in the throes of a massive forest fire, fueled by a stifling heatwave blanketing Europe, the Evening Standard reports.   The fire in the Catalonia area, the area’s most serious in 2 decades, has consumed 4,000 hectares of forest and spurred evacuations.  

As India faces its worst water crisis ever, at least 550 people were arrested after protestors took to the streets this week wielding empty water containers, CNN reported.

Cyclone Idai could be the worst disaster the southern hemisphere has ever seen.

Syrian refugees are wading through snow and freezing water after Storm Norma hit Lebanon on January 6, slamming hundreds of makeshift settlements, Al Jazeera reported. An 8-year-old Syrian girl died after being swept away by floodwaters.

Record-busting Cyclone Winston hit Fiji late Saturday, killing at least 21 people, flattening and flooding remote villages. Fiji faces a daunting cleanup, and aid agencies warned of the possibility of a broad health crisis, as the massive storm wiped out food supplies and…