Confirmed and suspected cases of the Nipah virus have reportedly killed 9 people in India’s Kerala state in the past 2 weeks. 25 others have been hospitalized with symptoms of the rare disease, which include fever, headache, and disorientation.

Now on the WHO’s list of viruses most likely to cause a global pandemic, in 1999 the Nipah virus was a mystery to be solved by 2 Malyasian doctors.   An unknown brain disease was devastating the farming town of Nipah, and the government blamed mosquitoes. But Kaw Bing Chua…

Tomorrow, the film Spillover—Zika, Ebola & Beyond, following the work of global virus hunters, premieres on PBS. The film explores the role of human behaviors increase the likelihood of—and science’s efforts to tame—spillover events. You can also watch online.PBS  

In Bangladesh, epidemiologists solved a disease mystery a few years ago when they traced clusters of Nipah virus to drinking raw date palm sap, tapped from trees.