On top of everyday responsibilities like maintaining clean water, state and local health departments face a massive burden in responding to COVID-19.   Andy they're doing it with fewer resources, not more. An AP/Kaiser Health News investigation found: 

“More than anything, it hit the tomato men,” said Claudia Pérez Ocampo, who manages a stall in Mexico City’s iconic Central de Abasto market.

What if the COVID-19 pandemic had been stopped before it started?  

Countries are failing to shield a billion children from physical, sexual, or psychological violence each year, the UN warns

It doesn’t take many patients to trigger a health care crisis in a poor rural community like Lowndes County, Alabama. It has no hospital and 1 doctor. Enter COVID-19 and an infection rate rivaling that of the New York City’s hardest-hit ZIP Code during its peak.    In…

Thailand got COVID-19 under control with 3,100 confirmed cases and 58 deaths using a vigorous public health response—anchored by 1 million+ health volunteers who sewed masks by night and distributed them, along with pandemic-fighting messages, by day.

An estimated 22% of people globally—1.7 billion—have at least one condition that puts them at a greater risk of developing severe COVID-19 if infected, according to a new study in The Lancet Global Health.

Patients who don't have COVID-19 are being turned away from public hospitals in Nigeria after doctors acted on their threat to strike indefinitely over inadequate COVID-19 protections and salary disputes, Vanguard reports.  

Humans have a remarkable ability to snap back from traumatic events, but the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing the limits of human resilience—and researchers’ understanding of it.

South Africa is facing a “trio of pandemics”—HIV, tuberculosis, and the newcomer, COVID-19.   Little is known about the impact of adding COVID-19 into the mix. Western Cape regional data show that people living with HIV or active TB had more than twice the risk of dying…