The pandemic set back the fight against polio, but a new $5.1 billion plan launched today by

The UN agreed yesterday on ambitious new goals for ending the AIDS pandemic by 2030—despite eleventh hour attempts by some delegates to water down protections for high-risk groups,

Can a universal coronavirus jab help us avoid another nail-biting wait for vaccines during the next pandemic? Lessons learned about coronavirus vaccine technology during this pandemic already offer a head start—and early research has shown some promise.  

The pandemic has indisputably backpedaled progress against America’s addiction crisis. In Massachusetts, Black men are being hit particularly hard.  

The 74th World Health Assembly closed Monday with a strong call for an empowered WHO and a pandemic treaty to strengthen global preparedness for health emergencies.    Top priorities: Ending the COVID-19 pandemic and preventing the next one.

President Biden ordered US intelligence agencies to step up efforts to investigate the origins of COVID-19, 

Patients who end up hospitalized with severe Covid are far likelier to die in Africa than other parts of the world,

40.5 million people were pushed from their homes last year because of disaster and conflict, seeking refuge within their countries, according to an

A crush of people mobbed a Manila site trying to get the Pfizer vaccine earlier this week.