The P.1 COVID-19 variant first discovered in Brazil is highly infectious and may be able to evade the natural immune response, according to an initial, not-yet-peer-reviewed assessment,

Even as they were making countless sacrifices during the pandemic, health workers were targeted in 1,100+ attacks last year, according to a 

Superspreader events have long been recognized as a key player in this pandemic.  

Children—who have largely been spared from the worst effects of COVID-19—are at the back of the vaccine line,

The unimaginable becomes real.  

We’re not sure—but there are promising clues with new results expected in the coming weeks,

For months, Africa’s intelligence and law enforcement circles have worried that counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines might flow through the continent’s free-trade ports, which are key economic drivers but also hubs for illicit imports, according to a deep-dive 

Health workers forced to reuse N95 respirators designed to be disposable have been a hallmark of pandemic supply shortages.   A year on, US hospitals are still rationing N95s despite significantly ramped up production.

Pediatricians are seeing a concerning rise in severe cases of a complex COVID-linked syndrome known as

As vaccination programs race to get ahead of more contagious new coronavirus variants, will rapid tests be a linchpin of success?