Pfizer and BioNTech have inked a letter of intent with South African biopharma company Biovac for it to ultimately "fill and finish" 100 million+ doses of the effective mRNA vaccine for Africa,

The latest menace in the fight against the pandemic—the fast-spreading delta variant—can evade some antibodies produced by COVID-19 vaccines and natural infection, according to new

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine may not provide as much protection against the Delta variant as initially believed, according to data released yesterday by Israel’s health ministry, 

The results are in: US scientists found a “likely association” between COVID-19 vaccines and heightened risk of rare heart issues in adolescents and young adults, according to new data presented to the CDC Wednesday, 

A third COVID-19 vaccine dose may provide some hope for increased immunity for people with organ transplants, according to results of a small study published today in the

Yet another COVID-19 shot, known as a protein subunit vaccine, could hit the market as early as this summer,

A crush of people mobbed a Manila site trying to get the Pfizer vaccine earlier this week.

Even amid soaring COVID-19 cases in India, the world’s largest religious festival has brought massive crowds gathered “cheek by jowl” on the banks of the river Ganges this week,

Rochelle Walensky took off her CDC director hat yesterday and addressed Americans as a concerned fellow citizen, urging them to not let their guards down,

Messenger RNA vaccines work extraordinarily well in “the real world,” a