It sounds like a scene in Ocean’s Eleven, but this real-life heist story had something perhaps more valuable than money at stake: vaccine supplies.   In 1959, at the height of Montreal’s polio outbreak, masked gunmen stormed a University of Montreal research lab, stealing…

For the first time, the WHO is poised to clear a vaccine for emergency use—and it’s not for COVID-19.  

A fresh polio outbreak in Sudan was triggered by a vaccine-derived virus from Chad, WHO announced yesterday.   WHO declared Africa wild poliovirus-free last week—but that good news was tempered by the possibility of vaccine-derived outbreaks like this one. In rare cases,…

After decades of effort, Africa has kicked wild poliovirus from the continent. 

Despite comparatively low numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths, South Asia is suffering disruptions to key health services. Take polio vaccination.  

Could existing polio vaccines be used to fight coronavirus?   Researchers—including Robert Gallo, who helped discover HIV—are seeking funding to test their theory, making their case in Science this week.   They argue that live attenuated vaccines can trigger “interferon and…

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus kicked off the agency’s 146th Executive Board meeting in Geneva this morning with a rundown of WHO-led accomplishments in 2019—and a call for solidarity in the face of a challenging year ahead.

Malaysia launched a vaccination campaign on Borneo Island after confirming a case of polio in a 3-month-old boy Friday—the country’s first case since 1992,AFP reports.  

Pakistani authorities have fervently denied allegations that they are covering up an outbreak of the most dangerous strain of polio, Newsweek Pakistan reports.

The WHO declared the global eradication of wild poliovirus type 3 today, marking World Polio Day with a major milestone. Just wild poliovirus type 1 remains, however the work is far from over, Medium reports.