Imagine giving birth in the midst of one of Asia’s largest landfills.   That was the reality for 18-year-old Sairoh, who lives in Bantar Gebang, a landfill where much of the trash tossed by Jakarta residents ends up. As she waited for a midwife to come to help her, “…she…

Styrofoam, takeout containers, and plastic straws—5,000 in just one half-kilometer stretch—clutter Mumbai’s Versova Beach. But Maharashtra state’s ban on plastics could help change that, NPR’s Goats and Soda reported.  

Up to 22% of infant deaths in sub-Saharan Africa could be prevented with minor improvements to air quality, according to a new study published in Nature.

Wastewater treatment plants that take runoff from drug manufacturing sites are laced with anti-fungals, anti-histamines, anti-inflammatories and other drugs.

210,000 barrels of crude oil are produced each day in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The lead-laced soot spewing from those plants, plus pollution from petrochemical plants and asphalt factories, have seen residents endure oil spills, acid rain, gas flares and hospitals…

The eruption of Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii’s most active volcano, last Thursday triggered strong earthquakes and sent lava spewing out of fissures opening up in the ground.

Fresh WHO data shows that 9 in 10 people breathe air laced with high levels of pollutants, and a shocking 7 million people die annually because of it—the vast majority in low and middle-income countries.

Pollution is the deadliest environmental health hazard on the planet, yet South Africa remains the only sub-Saharan African country with an air-quality monitoring program. Researchers with the Eastern African GEOHealth hub are starting to fill that data gap. The…

There are no schools, jobs, or hospitals in Mahul, a former fishing village east of Mumbai. Sewage flows into the streets.  

Air pollution is a worrisome fact of life throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East, but in places like Delhi, India—where it may be responsible for as many as 30,000 deaths each year—worry has escalated to crisis.