The exclusion of pregnant and lactating women from COVID-19 vaccine trials poses difficult questions for families considering getting pregnant.  It’s still not known whether the shots are safe for expectant mothers, writes Anna Louie Sussman in The New Yorker.

South Asia—one of the most polluted regions on Earth—also has the highest global burden of pregnancy loss.

Patchwork recordkeeping has hampered the US response to COVID-19’s disproportionate toll on communities of color.  

Parents-to-be are rushing to adjust their birth plans amid the COVID-19 pandemic—and so are hospitals, The Atlantic reports.

Compared to white women, American Indian and Alaska Natives are more than 2X as likely to die from pregnancy-related causes.   And Native women in urban areas—where there’s better access to care—fare no better than those on rural reservations.  

Women comprise 80% of all US autoimmune disease cases but most theories about this point to “how” not “why.”   Evolutionary biologist Melissa Wilson may have the “why.” “Pregnancy-compensation hypothesis” postulates that women evolved to be pregnant for most of their lives…

Pregnancy tracking apps have become wildly popular for helping mothers track their experience—and employers and insurers shell out to get access to that data. Some employers give financial incentives to use the app, then track the anonymized data, helping evaluate…

A vaccine against fatal pregnancy malaria passed a phase 1 human-testing trial, according to promising results from Danish researchers.  

Anemia is a scourge on pregnant women and children, particularly in the developing world. Iron supplements may be a key intervention, but existing research on their efficacy and safety is patchy. The WHO recommends iron supplements and micronutrient powders for children in…

Pregnant and lactating women should be included in DRC Ebola vaccine strategies, argue members of the Pregnancy Research Ethics for Vaccines, Epidemics and New Technologies (PREVENT) working group.