There’s no good solution: Keeping kids out of class and young adults away from college reduces their risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection, but they also miss out on the education and services they need. Updates:

In the great debate about school reopening, questions swirl around whether kids can spread the virus to their caregivers.  

As debate around reopening schools reaches a crescendo, US President Trump has doubled down on his commitment to reopening—even as daily US cases reach new highs, 

A racist game played by ER staff in British Columbia—guessing the blood alcohol levels of Indigenous patients—is alarming but not surprising, CBC reports.  

Undeterred by a death toll approaching 100,000, Americans crowded beaches and swimming pools over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, The Guardian reports. Police tried to break up a party on Daytona Beach, Florida. Hundreds packed a Lake of the Ozarks pool party; a tweet…

36,000 deaths could have been averted had the US launched social distancing measures on March 8 instead of March 15, according to Columbia University researchers’ estimates that haven’t yet been peer reviewed. 

World leaders rebuffed US efforts to punish WHO and China over the pandemic, rallying instead for global solidarity at the World Health Assembly,

The Washington Post’s Stephanie McCrummen ventured this weekend into a wealthy area of shops, bars, and restaurants in Alpharetta, Georgia. She found mostly unmasked and unworried people “eating, drinking, touching and throwing caution to the wind.” Some quotes she gathered:

Venezuelans who fled their country’s economic collapse have returned home to escape Colombia’s strict coronavirus lockdowns, thinking they might be better off. Instead, hundreds have been met with dire conditions.   Venezuelan returnees reported being treated “like dogs”…

Bucking a president worried by a battered economy and intent on reopening the country, a top US health official warned a Senate committee yesterday about the costs moving too quickly, The Washington Post reports. Anthony Fauci’s message: Be prepared for new outbreaks if…