Immunity to the novel coronavirus may not be as complete and long lasting as hoped for, according to new 2 studies—1 with a small number of participants and another that hasn’t been peer reviewed.

Blood clots. Purple toes. Kidney damage. Heart inflammation.   While COVID-19 is widely known as a respiratory illness, its roster of mysterious symptoms is pointing researchers to a surprising possibility—what if COVID-19 only begins as a respiratory infection, but…

The novel coronavirus could become endemic like HIV, the WHO warned yesterday. It will take a “massive effort” to counter it even with a vaccine—a prospect WHO emergencies expert Mike Ryan called a “massive moonshot”, according to Reuters.

SARS-CoV-2 is far from one of a kind. Bats alone carry some 3,200 coronavirus strains that could reach humans, and climate change is making that increasingly likely.

Nearly all people exposed to COVID-19 in a New York study developed antibodies to the virus—even those who showed just mild symptoms, according to a New York Times analysis of a preprint study. Based on antibody tests on the first set of donors for a convalescent plasma…

With the loss of 21 million US jobs in April and unemployment reaching 16%, pressure continues to build to reopen the economy.  But SARS-CoV-2 trendlines show that’s not a good idea. 

A new preprint study that reports the emergence of a more transmissible strain of the novel coronavirus must be interpreted with caution, warn infectious disease experts in The Washington Post.

The US has halted funding for a decade-old project searching for new coronaviruses with pandemic potential.

Full-scale efforts are underway to develop a vaccine free us from COVID-19’s deadly grip. But even if they succeed (and that’s no guarantee), the question regrettably must be asked: Will people take it?