Less disruptive and costly COVID-19 restrictions can work as well as more intrusive steps like lockdowns to slow the spread of SARS-CoV2, according to a new study ranking the effectiveness of government interventions around the world. The researchers from the Medical…

The CDC released its strongest guidance yet on face coverings yesterday, underscoring

As COVID-19 cases explode in different parts of the US, contact tracers are overwhelmed and some health officials appear to be giving up on tracking the virus, 

Anti-mask sentiment is spreading across India as the nation second hardest-hit by COVID-19 makes precarious progress.   In some states, defying mask mandates is a fineable offense—yet one survey found that just 44% of people across 18 cities said they wore masks in public…

Is there a viable alternative to the gold-standard N95 mask?  

New virus restrictions across Europe are “absolutely necessary” amid an “exponential surge of coronavirus cases,” Hans Kluge, WHO Europe’s head, declared today.

The US COVID-19 death rate exceeds 18 other comparable countries, and the death rate from all causes in the US jumped sharply since the spring, 

Although face masks have been proven to slow the spread of the coronavirus, a letter from a purported “OSHA Inspector” that brands masks as ineffective recently spread like wildfire on social media.   Another theory that “masks make you sick” has made the rounds in…

The CDC website now acknowledges that tiny airborne particles containing SARS-COV-2 can hang in the air “for minutes or even hours” and spread among people 6+ feet apart, NPR reports.

President Trump delivered the news himself via a late-night tweet: He and his wife Melania have tested positive for COVID-19.