The US should spend $75 billion to fix its COVID-19 testing debacle, STAT reports, citing the verdict of a bipartisan panel of

With families forced to stay physically apart, a multigenerational flurry of digital communication has become the norm, making WhatsApp more than ever a “breeding ground for hoax messages.”  

Social distancing may be a novel concept today, but the first enforced quarantine was some 4,000 years ago, according to tablets excavated from the ancient realm of Mari, in the northeast of what is now Syria.  

US COVID-19 infections rose by a record 47,000 yesterday—and Americans could see 100,000 new cases a day, warns Anthony Fauci, barring dramatic steps to block the spread, Reuters reports.

Even as the White House walked back President Trump’s Saturday campaign rally comments about slowing testing for COVID-19, new data show cases shooting up in the US and globally, AP reports.

Lauded for its success in stemming COVID-19, Germany suffered a setback this weekend as data revealed an uptick in the country’s basic reproduction number that may signal another lockdown.   The country’s coronavirus reproduction number climbed to 2.88 yesterday, meaning…

COVID-19 deaths in US prisons have shot up 73% since mid-May even as case numbers remain stagnant in the country overall, The New York Times reports.  What does that look like on the ground? At the Cummins Unit penitentiary in southeast Arkansas, a startling lack of COVID-…

Patients who don't have COVID-19 are being turned away from public hospitals in Nigeria after doctors acted on their threat to strike indefinitely over inadequate COVID-19 protections and salary disputes, Vanguard reports.  

Humans have a remarkable ability to snap back from traumatic events, but the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing the limits of human resilience—and researchers’ understanding of it.

કોવિડિઓ-૧૯ જ્હોન્સ હોપકિન્સ બ્લૂમબર્ગ સ્કૂલ ઓફ પબ્લિક હેલ્થ ખાતે વિદ્યાર્થીઓ અને ફેકલ્ટીની આગેવાની હેઠળની એક પહેલ છે જેનો હેતુ બહુવિધ ભાષાઓમાં કોવીડ-૧૯ વિશે વિજ્ઞાન-આધારિત માહિતી પ્રસારિત કરવાનો છે. અમે વિશ્વવ્યાપી કોવીડ-૧૯ મહામારી, જેના કારણે વિશ્વભમાં ઘણા લોકોએ જીવ…