Who says the apocalypse can’t be cozy?   The pandemic is producing new coronavirus crafters every day, but if your obsessive coronavirus crafting lacks a certain… prepper element, it's "Doomsday Knits" to the rescue.   

Facebook and YouTube have pulled 'Plandemic,' a viral video touting unsubstantiated claims about the novel coronavirus—but edited versions remain online, Reuters reports.

These days everyone—including Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni—is looking for a great home workout.

Out-of-work sports commentators are delivering Twitter master classes in life imitating sports and frankly, we’re inspired.  

Researchers who mine sites like Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram for data to understand human behavior have to find ways to account for bots. Bots spouting computer-generated content on social sites could contaminate datasets if they’re not parsed out. But tracking them is…

Topping the list of people eager for an official name for nCoV2019: The makers of Corona beer. BoingBoing has revealed a recent spike in Google searches for “corona beer virus.” Evidently some people believe the Mexican brew is somehow connected to the virus.

The DRC’s Ebola outbreak hasn’t just been deadly for infected patients and health workers under attack—journalists have come under fire as they fight the rampant  misinformation.   One radio broadcaster was stabbed to death in his home; his station soon shut down.

Facebook is looking to fill the gap in preventive care—and promises to reach the poorest Americans who frequently miss out on these checkups.   And unlike physicians, tech companies aren’t subject to the HIPAA law that protects patient information.   The Facebook Preventive…

In northeastern Nigeria—“Boko Haram’s den”—at least 3 in 10 people suffer from untreated mental illness. Despite high suicide rates and risks of radicalization, care is reserved for treating substance use or disorders like schizophrenia.    Nonprofits like NEEM Foundation…

Public health and anti-tobacco organizations put social media giants on notice to stop giving a platform to Big Tobacco’s hired influencers.