New data bolster the evidence that COVID-19 is spread primarily via aerosol transmission, rather than large respiratory droplets or contaminated surfaces, according to 2 Clinical Infectious Diseases studies, 

A Boston conference in February has been linked to 20,000 COVID-19 cases, according to a new genome sequencing study that’s not yet peer reviewed.

Countries like South Korea and New Zealand have reaped the benefits of tracking COVID-19 data in painstaking detail—as Amy Maxmen shows in a Twitter thread showing several countries’ COV

After decades of effort, Africa has kicked wild poliovirus from the continent. 

The small Duke University study gen

750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes may be set loose next year in the Florida Keys—the first such release in the US, the Independent reports.  

A Trump administration executive order has blocked the FDA from regulating COVID-19 and certain other lab tests, prompting concern that unreliable coronavirus tests could proliferate and exacerbate the country’s testing crisis, 

After being a “coronavirus horror” this spring, New York’s daily COVID-19 infections have plunged 90% since their April peak—while new cases in California have increased 10X since then.   What made the tables turn?    The terrifying immediacy of New York's sirens and…

When Peter Hessler returned to teaching at China’s Sichuan University in the midst of a national lockdown, his task was to teach a nonfiction writing class—a cohort he describes as the “Children of the Coronavirus.”   From students’ field assignments, he learned a huge…

The WHO has completed its initial scoping mission to China on the origins of SARS-CoV2, CIDRAP reports, setting the stage for a deeper epidemiological investigation.