As COVID-19 deaths passed 3 million people this past weekend, the WHO warned that the world is “approaching the highest rate of infection” so far in the pandemic, 

In central and South America, progress against tuberculosis is reversing for reasons not fully understood–-but it’s clear the scourge is increasingly concentrated in the region’s prisons.  Since 2000, TB has swelled in the population by 206%.

A spike in COVID-19 cases in Iraq spurred the health ministry to warn of “dire consequences” if citizens continue to flout prevention measures, 

The growing spread of variants—like the more contagious B.1.1.7 variant first found in the UK that is now dominant in the US,

Hospital doctors treating the first COVID-19 cases had no way to know how the disease would progress in any given patient. 

It’s a pandemic mystery: Initially mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 cases that launch a “stubborn and complex array of symptoms” that can ebb and flow for months.  

Vaccination may be a pass to certain activities—but what about actual vaccine passports?  

Shocking. Remarkable. A “lump-in-your-throat moment.”  

The P.1 COVID-19 variant first discovered in Brazil is highly infectious and may be able to evade the natural immune response, according to an initial, not-yet-peer-reviewed assessment,

Generally, tuberculosis kills more men than women.