1 in every 9 cigarettes smoked worldwide is illegal—a global scourge that undermines tobacco control efforts while reinforcing the power of organized crime.

The world can learn from Moldova’s tobacco tax, says World Bank’s Patricio V. Marquez. 30% of Moldovan men smoke and the workforce suffered in recent years from premature mortality rates tied to noncommunicable diseases—to which tobacco is a major contributor.

1,000 pages of documents were seized from JUUL Labs during a surprise visit from FDA inspectors seeking information about the e-cig giant’s sales and marketing practices. It’s the latest FDA crackdown on the vaping market amid concerns the products are designed to hook kids…

E-cigarette and vape companies are exploring new ways to build their reputation as cigarette alternatives.

Juul e-cigarettes are all the rage in high schools, college dorms and on social media. Their wild popularity has public health organizations taking the FDA the court for delaying regulations of the “lethal and addictive” substances.

What weapon do tobacco, fossil fuel and cell phone bosses have in common? Doubt, write Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie.

Bloomberg Philanthropies is accepting applications to determine the lead organization(s) for a new global tobacco industry watchdog, Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products (STOP).

Bloomberg Philanthropies has thrown $20 million behind a tobacco industry watchdog to monitor “dirty tactics” as it homes in on low- and middle-income countries and the e-cigarette business, writes Sarah Boseley. Stop (Stopping Tobacco Organisations and Products) comes amid…

The sheer power of Indonesia’s tobacco industry has revealed itself once again through prohibitive new restrictions on e-cigarettes. Trade minister Enggartiasto Lukita suggested Indonesians can skirt the new rules if they “become regular smokers.”   Indonesia, known for…

After 18 years, a Big Tobacco lawsuit filed under President Bill Clinton materialized yesterday with TV spots advertising the lethal and addictive effects of smoking.