New data bolster the evidence that COVID-19 is spread primarily via aerosol transmission, rather than large respiratory droplets or contaminated surfaces, according to 2 Clinical Infectious Diseases studies, 

A Boston conference in February has been linked to 20,000 COVID-19 cases, according to a new genome sequencing study that’s not yet peer reviewed.

When 2 men in Brazil, alike in every other way but their class, got coronavirus, they entered different worlds.   One, a wealthy doctor, tapped into a top-notch private health system. The other turned to an overwhelmed public health system. Instead of receiving…

What if the COVID-19 pandemic had been stopped before it started?  

A new preprint study that reports the emergence of a more transmissible strain of the novel coronavirus must be interpreted with caution, warn infectious disease experts in The Washington Post.

China is reopening some wet markets where—scientists broadly agree—the outbreak of the novel coronavirus likely began.   Prominent figures have called for such markets to be shuttered. Anthony Fauci said his mind was “boggled” that they weren’t banned given how much disease…

Evidence is mounting that asymptomatic spread is powering COVID-19’s soaring cases numbers.

Confirmed coronavirus cases shot up over the weekend to 17,205 as of this a.m.—a grim marker that spurred a growing resignation that the outbreak will likely become a pandemic, the New York Times reports.

Scientists reconstructed a 50,000-year-old gene sequence to find out how Plasmodium falciparum—one of the deadliest malaria parasites—jumped from gorillas to humans. How did it happen? A gene in the ancient sequence produced an “ancestral RH5 protein” that was…

It may come as a surprise, but rabies still kills 59,000 people every year. Hence the need for targeted efforts like World Rabies Day on Saturday.