Despite President Trump’s self-described rosy health status, physicians warn that he is still in a pivotal phase of the illness, The New York Times reports.    

COVID-19 patients are swamping Moscow hospitals as a new wave of cases—coinciding with schools reopening on September 1—sweeps the city. Daily infections have nearly quadrupled from ~600 in early September to 2,200 by the end of the month. “All 900 spots are taken in our…

This is good news: A cocktail of synthetic antibodies has shown promising, early results for beating back the coronavirus in patients that aren’t yet seriously ill.  

Among the myriad challenges of distributing a COVID-19 vaccine across remote swathes of Africa, South America, and Asia: keeping vaccines cold. Some of the most promising vaccine candidates may need to be stored at “Antarctic-level temperatures.”   Outside of the 25 most…

Steroids are set to become the new standard of care for severe COVID-19 cases after not 1, but 3 studies showed the inexpensive drugs reduced deaths in the sickest patients, 

The data on convalescent plasma as a COVID-19 therapy are inconclusive, an NIH panel determined yesterday—undercutting the FDA’s controversial August 23 endorsement of the therapy, 

A tiny proportion of HIV-infected people have a rare “superpower”—they manage to keep the virus at undetectable levels in their blood without taking antiretroviral drugs, 

For children fighting cancer at St.

Failing to comply with pandemic lockdowns in Colombia could get you killed, as armed groups take matters into their own hands, a new 

More than 3,000 health care workers worldwide have died from COVID-19—and that’s likely a “significant underestimate,” according to an